About the Author

Dr Matthew ABJ Potts BSc MSc DC GSR Dip[Herb] is a Doctor of Chiropractic & Herbalist, he has been involved in healthcare for nearly 20 years. Offers his patients a unique combination of natural healthcare merging traditional arts and modern scientific techniques, looking at the whole of a person as an ecosystem striving for homeostasis or ‘balance’. His aim is to find the source of what is preventing your system from maintaining this state, supporting you in the changes needed, thus allowing your body to return back into balance.

Dr Potts has provided over 100k treatment visits, ran wellbeing retreats across the world and is the author of the ‘AlchemyOf’ book series including The Alchemy of Wellbeing, and the 2017 release the Alchemy of Ageing.

This book is the first of its kind utilising wisdom, art, knowledge and technology to offer you an experience that is as close as possible to Unlimited face-to-face consultations with an experienced team of health & wellbeing experts, all for the price of a Pizza.

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