Why Is It So Hard To Change & Get Healthy?

Why Is It So Hard To Fix Your Health Problems?

The Answer Is That Most Of Us Go About It The Wrong Way.


We Effort With Exercise Or Diets, We Give Things Up Or Force Ourselves Through WillPower.
That Will Only Work For A Little While. Effort Suggests There Is An End, Like Traveling On Holiday.


The Key Is Finding Your Unique Combination Of Small Changes That Creates Sustainable Differences.
It Really Doesn't Have To Be That Hard, Once You Have Found The Right Path For You, It Wont Feel Like Effort.


No WillPower Needed.  This Applies to Loosing Weight, Getting Better Sleep, Better Digestion, Less Pain, Less Stress.
The List Is Endless, But The Key Is Finding Your Unique Code: That Is What We Do Here At The Alchemy Of Wellbeing.

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Why This Book?

The Self Help Book is DEAD!

This book is a course disguised as a book, how you work through is tailored to your specific needs by analysing your results in our unique questionnaire called the ‘Code-Breaker’. So this is a book that IS NOT a book… The self help book is DEAD, who reads a book cover to cover and actually follows the advice anyway?


Unlock Your Unique Code

Take the ‘Code-Breaker’ Test to discover which areas of your life you need to give the most attention. Its not always what seems obvious; For example, if you have ever failed to lose weight with exercise and diet you know there is a missing link. The Code-Breaker will show you the way!

Bite Sized Pieces

Change is often overwhelming, where do we even start. This book will give you practical bite sized pieces of advice. One step at a time, one chapter at a time, you will begin to make SUSTAINABLE change in those areas of your life that you want and need to.

Get Some TLC…Total Life Conditioning

The Alchemy of Wellbeing covers every facet of life that we find challenging, from what we eat to how we move, from what we think to who we love. Take the Code-Breaker test and start making small changes TODAY.


We Have Your Back!

With dozens of FREE downloads, exclusive videos, discounts, links and individual support, our expert team of practitioners are with you every step of the way!

What Our Readers Say


It’s funny actually, I started to read this book for a lower back pain issue as I saw that Dr Potts was a Chiropractor. That started to resolve nice and quickly as i followed the stretch, walk, water and nutritional chapters.

I also started to feel that I had more energy, maybe because I was sleeping better, but it seemed like more than that. Anyway, the more chapters I worked through, and the more I slowly changed my lifestyle I felt I didn’t have the anxiety I used to have!

I brought my daughter to see Dr Potts personally in London to see if he could do anything about her asthma, something I would never have done before; and all it too was a handful of 121 treatment sessions, some supplements, a breathwork exercise to ground her and switching to a more alkaline diet – and no steroids or hospital visits for over a year now. thank you Dr Potts.

alchmey of wellbeing client testimonial 2


After a relaxed Skype consultation with Dr Potts, he sent me in the post a test kit to measure my stress hormones and was confident that from what he had heard from that my cortisol levels would be LOW..

I was so interested to get the results of my cortisol test, as I expected them to be through the roof after reading about stress and cortisol levels on the internet.

… well I’m glad I didn’t make a bet with him, as they are supposed to be at their highest at 8am and mine were still at the ‘sleeping level’ – no wonder I needed three coffees to wake up in the morning.

Anyway, over the course of three months I implemented a programme that Dr Potts laid out for me and now I feel like I have more energy than when I was a teenager and wonder whether this all started a long, long time ago! If I had read the book back then I believe that it would have offered me a similar path of recommendations to my taylor-made programme; and its reassuring knowing that you can email the team for FREE or book a 121 Skype consult if needed.

alchemy of wellbeing client testimonial 1


I managed to make it to one of Dr. Matthew Potts’ talks in London after a MONTH collapsed in bed. I knew I would have to change a lot in my lifestyle, but I was expecting a headmaster-naughty school boy scenario.

But after booking some 121 sessions, what I got was a non-judgemental approach where Dr Potts recognised that what I was experiencing is so common in our society that I was just at the high end of what everyone is really feeling if they are honest. We worked slowly towards a plan that was lead by me. Dr Potts wouldn’t tell me how to live my life, but support the decisions I was making, sometimes with hands-on treatment, sometimes with lifestyle changes, and always with compassion. I am now back to work, but I work to live, not live to work. After buying a copy of his latest book it is clear that he has put his life work into it… worth a thousand times its cover price!




The Alchemy of Wellbeing approach and philosophy has improved my overall health and well-being considerably since following the steps specific to me.

Not only through the chapters unique to me but learning new life skills that incorporate diet, exercise and relaxation techniques.

I would like to pass on my thanks to the team for the care and enthusiasm they provide to their clients, they really go above & beyond what I expected when I bought the eBook.



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Somato-Respiratory-Integration STAGE 1

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Why Is It So Hard To Change & Get Healthy?   Credits: Dr. Donny Epstein discusses one of the key elements of Reorganizational Healing – The Seasons of Wellbeing. What is SRI?

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